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Posted by BlueFlameSkulls - November 12th, 2012

First off Memoir 2 has been shelved. Why? Well long story short I didn't back it up like an idiot and I'm left with a very primitive version of it. Then I decided the VN format was a bad idea and not to mention unnecessarily time consuming. So I started on a new version of Memoir 2. Then I realised it was very ambitious. I am going to complete it one day but I have little time to do much these days. But put it this way if I do manage to complete it then it will be massive. What I'm thinking of making makes Memoir 1 look like shit. I apologise that a lot of you made some wonderful suggestions only for nothing to come of it but I will attempt to incorporate it into the new Memoir 2 if I ever get around to it.

So why am I making a post about this when surely people have got the message that Memoir 2 isn't happening some 3 years after the first one? Well I have a new idea for a game which isn't as ambitious as Memoir 2. Something I think I could make relatively quickly. I've completed the "engine" so all that needs to happen is to fit the game around that engine. I realise this is a very bad idea because in the past I've hyped up some projects in the past and I've had to scrap or shelve them. The games and movies I've released in the past are ones that I never tell anyone about. Memoir 1 was made in less than 15 days which was something I never expected to be that popular. So I warn you in advance that this could be the last time you hear of this game. In fact don't even think about this game. Just read this and go about your day.

If everything does go to plan then I'll post again when either of the following happen
a: it's fully completed and going through testing/waiting for flash ads/other api stuff to go through
b. the programming side is fully complete and it needs graphics

with option b that's when I decide that I can't do the graphics/animating on my own and ask for assistance. Should that happen I'll ask someone here to do that for me. You'll get a share of the ad revenue of course. I'm thinking 45% for me, 45% for the artist and the remaining 10% go towards the people who make the audio. Also if I do ask for an artist they have to be pretty much the opposite of me. Not a procrastinator and someone who can do quite a lot of work. This work would possibly include backgrounds, basic animation and movieclip art. Don't get too excited if you think this could be the perfect job for you because I may disappear into the void again for another 3 years or I may decide maybe I'm not so bad at drawing.

That's pretty much it. The only other reasons I shelved Memoir 2 and disappeared for 3 years was because I have work and college to focus on. Funnily enough college was the reason I decided to get back into flash as I'm doing a course that involves programming and that extra knowledge might help me through making this new game plus I have real life to talk to about programming which is infinitely more helpful than books and the internet.

As for what this new game is about. I've called it Epoch (I may change it later on if there's other games called that or something better comes along). That's all I'm going to say about the new game as well if I hype it too much then it will be yet another dead project in my portfolio.

Also not too fond of this new redesign.
edit:Mark Corrigan as my icons shall suffice for now

Posted by BlueFlameSkulls - December 22nd, 2009

Small Edit: Just going to put a cross on all the scenes you guys have posted to show me which ones have been done in case I forget.

The first memoir is on Kongregate now. This is proof I put it there. You can see it here:
http://www.kongregate.com/games/BlueFl ameSkulls/memoir-text-adventure

Check this out. darkkenia sent me a PM about this. http://www.kongregate.com/games/SoleSo ldier/memoir-text-adventure. Now Memoir 1 is all over then net. I have no control over that but thankfully most keep my NG name in the credits and don't pretend they made it. But the guy who posted it on kongregate "SoleSoldier" is really playing the part. Here's some of the things he(or she) has said for your enjoyment:
"So did you like this game (Kinda?) It was my first game. Also, your name depends on your stats Also your gender. (Should i make a sequel?)"
Nope. The name you choose has no impact on the stats.

"Erugh, big delay.. More homework coming up along with projects. Might delay the sequel till march."
I'm a little confused by this. Is he waiting on me to make the sequel or going to make his own? I do doubt this because he forgot to take my name off the credits which leads me to believe he doesn't know how to use flash.

Oh if you are reading this SoleSoldier. I'm totally putting you in the credits of memoir 2. And one more thing, thanks for giving me a boost in revenue. You're awesome.

Update (8th Jan 10). Seeing as Memoir 1 broke 100,000 views on NG not so long ago I feel like letting you guys in a few new info. Although I don't think it's a good idea because I'm over hyping up a flash game for god's sake. So far I put in a save load system because if I'm right it'll take far too long to finish a game in one sitting. I've been coming up with what the mall is going to be like. At the moment I plan to have 10 different shops and I've come up with a total of 60 items you can buy with more to come. The first memoir had 7 items you could buy. Because the game should last ages I need more scenarios posted and so far all of them have been great.

Updated again (29th December) with a newer image. I've made the menu much nicer than it was before. I finished a basic character creator for males. You can see the result of a randomly created character from the stats on the left. What I want to know is if it's good looking or an eye sore.

Updated: Have a new image. In between making scenes I'm trying to make the game look prettier. Doesn't look like much now but it will look a lot more shinier.

I've procrastinated a little but I've got on with Memoir 2. The prototype is doing pretty well. Now I'm focusing on the scenes. This is where the many readers of my news posts (yes all 5 of you) can come in. The first Memoir had scenes that were blatant rip off some of the scenes in Alter Ego because thinking this stuff up is harder than you might think.

Now I'll try to keep this short as possible. Below are the list of events you can do in the game. The ones in italic are ones where you can come up with scenes. It shouldn't be too long and you can have a multiple choice question (only 3 questions). Keep in mind some questions rely on how high or low a certain statistic is (see bottom of page what statistics mean). You can post many scenes as you want and I'll put the best ones in the game. Of course you'll be credited with your username in the corner of the scene. Like a collab. I'll fill in the blanks (like the script of each scene) Post it like the example below but it doesn't need to be exactly like this.

Scenario: There is a party in the next dorm but you're meant to be studying for a test tomorrow.
Multiple choice (1):
Option 1: Continue studying (+10 int).
Option 2: Go to the party and cram afterwards (+5 int +2 friends)
Option 3: Go to the party and go straight to bed afterwards
if cha > 55 = (+4 friends)
else (+1 friends)


School (Mon-Fri) age 5-16
College (Tue-Fri) age 16-18
University (Tue-Fri) age 18-21
Work (varies according to job)age 16+

Go to the park age 5+ (age determines what you do there)
Cinema age 14+
Gym age 16-60

Jogging age 14-60
Work out (this is at home)age 15-60
Date Experience (must have a date)
Watch TV age 5+
Play video games age 5-60
Museum age 50+

Shopping/mall (years vary the item) age 14+
Rest age 10+
Appearance (This is boosting you appearance stat) age 10+
Call friend age 10+
Call date (must have a date)

Night time
Nightclub age 18-30
Pub/Bar age 18+

Study (must be in Education) age 5-21
Rest age 10+
Watch TV age 5+
Play video games age 5-60
Visit friend age 5+
If you have any good ideas for new events then post it.

Stats and their descriptions are below (each stat is in between 0-100):
Str (Strength): How strong you are. 0 = Weakling 100 =Body Builder
App (Appearance): How good looking you are. 0 =Ugly 100 =Beautiful
Ath (Athletics):Whether you're thin or fat. 0 =Bulimic 100 =Obese
Cha (Charisma): How well you do in social situations. 0 =Social Outcast 100 =Life of the party
Int (Intelligence):How smart you are. 0 =Retarded 100 =Genius
Friends: The amount of friends you have can let you into certain scenarios. If you have 0 friends then you are unable to do even the most basic events.
Happ (Happiness): How happy you are. Do not let this get too low. If you're "suicidal" then you better do something that makes you happy. If you go below 0 then you commit suicide thus ending your game.
HP (Health): Minor and/or Major illnesses will bring this stat down (if you want to know what the minor/major illness are they're random events. A minor illness is a cold and a major one is something like cancer or a broken leg. Only very rarely can you get illnesses through scenes). If the HP stat goes below 0, the game ends.

That's all. I assure you I am doing some work like coming up with my own scenes. I'll post a slightly new picture. There are only minor additions in this one. If you have any ideas/suggestions or questions then feel free to post. If you don't understand anything I've said (I don't blame you) then ask me.

Memoir 2: I need You

Posted by BlueFlameSkulls - December 6th, 2009

80s extravaganza is proving to be tougher to make than I thought. So I started on Memoir 2 which is easier since I can nick code off memoir 1

Below is an image of what Memoir 2 currently looks like. It is very very basic at the moment. This is the prototype so don't worry it will look a lot nicer when it comes out. I'll give you lot a quick run down on new features based on the image.

#Desktop. Before you play the game you'll be on a computer desktop. There's a bunch of features including a mini game I was going to make but realised it wouldn't do well if I submitted it on it's own.
#Schedule. It works like this: Each year is 7 days. Each day you pick what you do in the daytime, night time and an extra slot.
#Friends. At the moment friends are just a number. But you can only do certain events if you have a specific number of friends.
#Character creation. This isn't made just yet but on the left of the picture where that gap is. You will get to see what your character looks like.
#New/altered stats. Attractiveness is now appearance and there is a new stat called athletics. This is how skinny or fat you are. You can also see your health as a number. Plus there's a health monitor picture that will turn yellow or red as it gets lower.
#No flashing backgrounds. One of the main complaints with Memoir 1 was the flashing backgrounds. There is none of that in the sequel.
#Relationships. Instead of going into a menu to get a relationship you can get them randomly during your day. If you choose to look for a relationship you can use up a slot in your day. You also get to see what your girlfriend/boyfriend/wife/husband looks like just like your character.
#Jobs. There will be a lot more jobs available....hopefully.
#Diseases/handicaps. I'm working on this so there's no promises I'll get this done. But randomly during the game you may diseases such as the common cold or even cancer. You won't just die instantly with the more serious diseases but it will eat away at you.

I think that's all. I'm absolutely knackered as it is 3am so there may be some spelling/grammar mistakes.

Update on Memoir 2

Posted by BlueFlameSkulls - October 27th, 2009

EDIT NOV 1ST: I'd like to know how many girls played Memoir. Honestly the gender choice was a last minute thing. Adding a gender choice in Memoir 2 will take a little more effort in Memoir 1. So if you're a girl (or a guy who wants to be the little girl) and you want a female option in Memoir 2, then say so in the comments. I'll happily make a gender choice if it makes people enjoy the game.

Along with Professor Lovebuck's 80s Extravaganza I am making a sequel to Memoir Text Adventure which did way better than I thought.

I'm going to detail what both games are going to be:

Professor Lovebuck's 80's Extravaganza
Professor Lovebuck has built a machine that teleports him to a world that is based on the 1980s. Aliens have taken over for some reason. You must collect VHS videos to continue your journey and eventually defeat the aliens.
Game features
*Main game is a platformer.
*There will be other game modes such as a space shooter and a beat em up section.
*A full 80s music soundtrack.
*Many references to the 1980s in general like movies (back to the future as an example)
*So far there's going to be over 15 levels with a world select
*Scoreboard and hopefully a lot more secure.

Memoir 2: Visual Novel
In Memoir 1 you found a PC in an abandoned house with a program that is a life simulation. In Memoir 2 you try to find the creator of this game by looking at the files in the PC. You are given the location of a new PC that gets you closer to the creator. You find this PC a few miles from the first one. A new game is on the PC. One that is even better than the original.
Game Features
*New character customization. You can choose from random stats, manual character creation or a ready built character.
*Visual Novel style gameplay. Your choices affect the final ending.
*Fully drawn. No more text on a black background (no flashing backgrounds either)
*Routines: Chose how your day goes. Similar to the VN: True Love.
*Life begins from 0 and ends your way. The game in full can last hours in one sitting.
*Relationships, jobs and the shop make a return.

More info will come. For those interesting in testing, I usually ask a couple of people to test my games. If for any reason they don't have the time or don't want test these games then I'll ask for testers. At some point I may need someone to make a short animated scene for one of the games. Because I'm not much of an animator and more of a programmer I can't animate for peanuts. But the like testers, I'll ask then. No point asking now. Making both of these games can take ages.

One more thing. I will release a basic character creator for Memoir 2. So watch my page.

Two New Games Coming Soon

Posted by BlueFlameSkulls - October 14th, 2009





Professor Lovebuck's 80's Extravaganza

Posted by BlueFlameSkulls - October 10th, 2009

EDIT 3: http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/


3.48 Score so far. Awesome!
3.65 Blue score fuck year.
Daily third place. Fantastic. Making a new game and I'm going to see if I can make it in 6 days.

I'm submitting a new game perhaps tomorrow.

If it isn't submitted tomorrow there's been a bug or I haven't got the time.

Here's a picture of it which is tiny goddamn. I wanted to post a bigger picture or have 4 separate picture but these blog things only accept one small images

Edit 1: or maybe Monday. The flash ad hasn't been approved yet. For Dave and Dan, I think I fixed the slideshow button. Shit was too complicated for a simple button that tells it to stay off.

Edit 2: No point really updating this considering no one has made a comment and thus making it look like I'm talking to myself but what the hell. Flash ads been approved. Too late for me to submit at this time. I want to submit at a time where there's more traffic on the off chance people like this game. So sometime tomorrow. Afternoon or evening. I'll need to do last chance testing in case of any major bugs I missed. Also some last chance polish.

New game

Posted by BlueFlameSkulls - September 11th, 2009

Game of the fucking century.

Modern Warfare 2 what?


Posted by BlueFlameSkulls - August 2nd, 2009

The 80s are awesome. I need some new 80s songs to put on my ipod. But I get the feeling I have all the ones I want.

No Rick Astley, you fuckers ruined it two years ago.

Here's Men at Work with Down Under

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Posted by BlueFlameSkulls - May 12th, 2009

Pot Noodle

Pot Noodle

Posted by BlueFlameSkulls - April 17th, 2009

Just wanted to make a new post seeing as red dwarf finished.

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