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First off Memoir 2 has been shelved. Why? Well long story short I didn't back it up like an idiot and I'm left with a very primitive version of it. Then I decided the VN format was a bad idea and not to mention unnecessarily time consuming. So I started on a new version of Memoir 2. Then I realised it was very ambitious. I am going to complete it one day but I have little time to do much these days. But put it this way if I do manage to complete it then it will be massive. What I'm thinking of making makes Memoir 1 look like shit. I apologise that a lot of you made some wonderful suggestions only for nothing to come of it but I will attempt to incorporate it into the new Memoir 2 if I ever get around to it.

So why am I making a post about this when surely people have got the message that Memoir 2 isn't happening some 3 years after the first one? Well I have a new idea for a game which isn't as ambitious as Memoir 2. Something I think I could make relatively quickly. I've completed the "engine" so all that needs to happen is to fit the game around that engine. I realise this is a very bad idea because in the past I've hyped up some projects in the past and I've had to scrap or shelve them. The games and movies I've released in the past are ones that I never tell anyone about. Memoir 1 was made in less than 15 days which was something I never expected to be that popular. So I warn you in advance that this could be the last time you hear of this game. In fact don't even think about this game. Just read this and go about your day.

If everything does go to plan then I'll post again when either of the following happen
a: it's fully completed and going through testing/waiting for flash ads/other api stuff to go through
b. the programming side is fully complete and it needs graphics

with option b that's when I decide that I can't do the graphics/animating on my own and ask for assistance. Should that happen I'll ask someone here to do that for me. You'll get a share of the ad revenue of course. I'm thinking 45% for me, 45% for the artist and the remaining 10% go towards the people who make the audio. Also if I do ask for an artist they have to be pretty much the opposite of me. Not a procrastinator and someone who can do quite a lot of work. This work would possibly include backgrounds, basic animation and movieclip art. Don't get too excited if you think this could be the perfect job for you because I may disappear into the void again for another 3 years or I may decide maybe I'm not so bad at drawing.

That's pretty much it. The only other reasons I shelved Memoir 2 and disappeared for 3 years was because I have work and college to focus on. Funnily enough college was the reason I decided to get back into flash as I'm doing a course that involves programming and that extra knowledge might help me through making this new game plus I have real life to talk to about programming which is infinitely more helpful than books and the internet.

As for what this new game is about. I've called it Epoch (I may change it later on if there's other games called that or something better comes along). That's all I'm going to say about the new game as well if I hype it too much then it will be yet another dead project in my portfolio.

Also not too fond of this new redesign.
edit:Mark Corrigan as my icons shall suffice for now

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